Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC, provides planning, design and construction management services for municipal and private infrastructure projects ranging from transportation and recreation to flood control and environmental management.

60 professionals
solving problems
35 years
in business
103,000 miles
biked to work
3 offices
located across Indiana
tunnel construction
“Christopher B. Burke Engineering is always prepared to assist in solving any issues during construction. They are very helpful in dealing with owners and assisting with contractors.”
Mike Latos
Project Manager
Citizens Energy Group

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“Burke is knowledgeable, reliable, flexible, and trustworthy. They have a complete understanding of how their work fits into the bigger picture of our community.”
Lance Lantz
Director of Public Works
Town of Zionsville

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neighborhood drainage
“The Burke team’s knowledge and experience gave us an inclusive and comprehensive understanding of our risks and hazards. I appreciated their responsiveness, communication skills, and personalized approach to developing our MHMP.”
Amy Biggs
Whitley County Emergency Management Agency

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