Who We Are

Who we are

At Burke, we are more than just engineers.

We are outdoor enthusiasts, gaming nerds, cyclists, teachers, paddlers, readers, football fans and breakfast fans. Burke believes that encouraging staff to cultivate their passions outside of the office leads to more creativity in the office.

Through opportunities such as paid time off for volunteering, our annual canoe to work day, the unparalleled bike to work program, our wellness program, and regular employee events, our staff can build strong relationships with each other and also with our communities.

Team working outdoors

Our people

The Burke team includes a wide variety of professionals, from planners to engineers, biologists to marketing specialists. Meet the team and find out why, if they could be any natural feature, many of them would choose to be a tree.

Meet the team

Our Culture

The Burke team values employee wellness and growth, be it through continuing education, community service, or biking to work. We put in place various programs to help employees achieve their goals.

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