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The multi-disciplinary Burke team features experts in environmental management, construction inspection, civil design, municipal infrastructure, stormwater and flooding, and emergency management. Additionally, our team continually takes on new challenges to expand our collective experience into exciting new project types.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Infrastructure design, whether it is stormwater conveyance, streambank stabilization, or site design, is an important part of our built environment. Burke engineers work closely with clients to design cost-effective and long-lasting solutions that address problem areas. 

  • Mascot Hall of Fame Site Design
  • Bean Creek Interceptor Erosion Mitigation

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Construction Engineering

When it comes to construction engineering, Burke engineers have tackled multi-year tunneling projects, week-long ADA update projects, and everything in between. Inspections involve not only visually confirming construction practices but also coordinating teams in sometimes difficult situations. Burke’s commitment to communication means fair and effective management in the ability to address nearly any construction issue.

  • White River Tunnel Consolidation Collector Sewer
  • Union Street Drainage and Resurfacing Projects
  • Eagle Creek CSO Abatement Near Surface Project

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Construction Engineering


In an effort to help preserve the world around us, Burke’s environmental resource specialists guide design professionals to address each project’s potential impacts to natural systems. Our scientists and engineers work together to provide mitigation plans, regulatory permitting, and water quality and wildlife assessments.

  • Upper Berlowitz Regional Detention Master Plan & Stormwater Conveyance
  • Arvin Sango Wetland Delineation
  • Calvin Lesley Regulated Drain Reconstruction

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Municipal Infrastructure

Occasionally, municipalities require assistance with infrastructure projects and utility coordination. Through plan and site review as well as utility coordination, Burke provides on-call services to guide officials through the design and construction process to maintain local and state ordinance adherence.

  • Cedar Lake Town Engineer Services
  • Bloomington 17th Street Reconstruction Utility Coordination
  • Plan Review Services

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Municipal Infrastructure
Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning

It is said that the best offence is a good defense and Burke’s planners agree. Planning ahead for potential disasters such as floods, tornadoes, winter storms or dam failures means that communities can respond quickly and efficiently. Through tools such as multi-hazard mitigation plans, incident and emergency action plans, and flood response plans, Burke’s emergency plans provide the information necessary to minimize damage during these events.

  • Community Flood Response Plans
  • Multi-hazard Mitigation Plans
  • Incident and Emergency Action Plans

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Stormwater and Flooding

Stormwater and flooding pose challenges for all communities, urban, rural and everything in between. The Burke team is experienced in providing not only holistic design solutions but also education and training to help communities meet regulatory requirements. 

  • Little Calumet River LOMRs and LOMAs
  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Assistance
  • Yellow River System Assessment

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Stormwater and Flooding
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