Beaver Creek Lake Dam

City of Jasper, IN

Engineers working

Constructed in 1955, the Beaver Creek Lake dam was a large, high-hazard dam with several decades worth of operational wear and tear.

Strict regulatory requirements necessitated corrective action by the city to improve the dam and reduce the risk of failure and potential damages to areas downstream.

Burke engineers developed alternatives to address the problem areas, then conducted a feasibility alternative analysis followed by a detailed preliminary engineering report. Our team then completed design documents for the dam and spillway system improvements. 

The design’s basic elements included a new labyrinth weir spillway. Other unique design elements included a baffled chute energy dissipater, decommissioning of the intake tower and outlet pipe, and raising the low spot of the dam embankment, as well as other erosion, drainage, and miscellaneous improvements.

Burke’s design included:

  • High-hazard dam improvements
  • Alternative feasibility study and evaluation matrix for multiple options
  • Preliminary engineering report
  • New labyrinth weir spillway
  • Intake tower and outlet pipe decommissioning
  • Dam embankment improvements
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