Big Cicero Creek Bank Stabilization

Big Cicero Creek Joint Drainage Board | Tipton, IN

The Big Cicero Creek Joint Drainage Board tapped Burke to analyze and develop solutions for stabilizing several miles of Big Cicero Creek through Tipton County. Over the next several years, our engineers refined the recommendations from this preliminary effort to meet the Board’s needs, fit the project limits, and reduce the impacts to environmentally sensitive areas. Ultimately, Burke completed the design and permitting for a two-stage channel reconstruction project along an approximately three-mile reach of the creek.

In addition to the shelving work, Burke incorporated in-stream structures, vegetated riprap, and riparian seeding to stabilize the bed and banks. Our engineers included other design components such as drain tile modifications, installation of a new boat ramp, and removal and replacement of a pedestrian bridge at Tipton City Park.

Burke’s services included:

  • Bank stabilization through a project reach of nearly three miles
  • Combination of shelf construction and in-stream stabilization measures recommended
  • Environmental permitting
  • Bidding assistance
  • Construction-related services

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