Certified Arborist Services

Trees are an important part of our ecosystem. They provide fresh air, minimize erosion, produce nourishment, and serve as a habitat for many different species of animals, among many other things. However, as with all living things, they can suffer damage and disease without showing symptoms. Ascertaining the health and safety of trees can be essential to avoid potential risk to people and property. Burke’s Sarah Wright is an International Society of Aboriculture Certified Arborist and has also obtained ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. She regularly provides the following services to a variety of clients:

  • Tree surveys/inventories
  • Urban/community tree assessments
  • Tree protection plans
  • Tree inspection
  • Tree managements plans
  • Tree risk assessments and mitigation
  • Endangered bat habitat surveys
  • Flora permits
  • Tree mitigation and replacement plans
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