Eagle Creek CSO Abatement

Citizens Energy Group | Indianapolis, IN

Eagle Creek CSO

Citizens Energy Group implemented a long-term control plan to minimize combined sewer overflows in Indianapolis which would dramatically improve water quality in local rivers and streams.

As part of the plan, the Eagle Creek project consisted of consolidation collection sewers and associated structures construction that would replace four combined sewer overflows.

Burke’s construction engineers provided construction inspection for the project that included:

  • Large cast-in-place drop shaft consolidation sewer connection structure
  • Cast-in-place screen and gate structure with slide gate
  • Power building and associated instrumentation and controls
  • Two cast-in-place diversion structures
  • Modifications/gate removal within an existing diversion structure
  • Approximately 2,800 feet of 48-inch sewer including nine sanitary manhole structures
  • Miscellaneous storm sewer and structures
  • Utility relocations
  • Complete restoration along the sewer alignment and within Ross Claypool park, including a new basketball court, trails, and rain garden
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