Environmental Permitting

Harbin Creek

Throughout the years, CBBEL has obtained federal, state, and local permits for hundreds of projects. 

Environmental permitting can be a complex and complicated system of varying policies and submittal requirements to those unfamiliar with the process. Our staff efficiently navigates this system and provides support throughout the permit process.

We have fostered strong relationships with agencies such as the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and with local agencies, such as county surveyors and city engineers. 

It is because of these relationships that we have a deeper understanding and respect for the process required to obtain permits.  

  • Section 404/401 permitting
  • Indiana isolated wetland permitting
  • Construction in a floodway permitting
  • Rule 5 permitting
  • Local stormwater and floodplain development permitting
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