Flood Response Plans

Flood Response Plans

With every major flood, there comes an overwhelming level of activity and a need for quick information and response.

To minimize risks of property damage, injury and death during a flood, communities need to prepare and have a good plan for early warning, response, and recovery before, during, and after a flood event.

A flood response plan documents the flood response process, informs those involved in the chain of command, lists specific responsibilities and task assignments, and provides a schedule of activities tied to stages of the flood fight.

The plan is especially important in providing continuity during events when the most experienced staff are unavailable. The best plans are updated to include lessons learned after each flood event to help identify and reduce the risks to life, health, and property during future floods.

Burke worked with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to develop flood response plans for 20 flood-prone Indiana communities. As one of the most experienced flood risk management firms in Indiana, Burke planners interacted with community officials and facilitated the development of such plans.

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