Indianapolis Levee Certification Program

City of Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Levee Certification

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s flood map modernization program was implemented to update flood insurance rate maps to a digital format. As part of this process, levees shown as providing protection against the base (100-yr) flood had to be re-certified to show that they met National Flood Insurance Program requirements.  

Burke engineers researched the inventory, status and general conditions of city levees to develop a list of those potentially eligible for re-certification, determine the extent and cost of gathering the required technical data needed to fulfill FEMA requirements, and perform delineation of the areas protected by each levee segment.

The Burke team concluded that only 11 of the city’s 44 segments were consequential in terms of buildings being shown in or out of the 100-year floodplain on effective FEMA FIRM maps. As a result, the team:

  • Performed an interim inspection to determine deficiencies on the levee segments
  • Prepared designs to correct identified deficiencies
  • Provided construction observation and interior drainage analyses
  • Developed and compiled the necessary technical data and documentation demonstrating compliance with FEMA requirements
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