MS4 Services

MS4 Services

NPDES municipal separate storm sewer system permitting programs present many challenges for those communities that must meet and implement regulatory requirements.

Burke planners provide an array of services to assist these municipalities with their planning, training, auditing, and implementation needs. Some clients need our overall program coordination and management services while others simply need occasional on-call assistance to supplement and enhance in-house staff activities.

The Burke team has a long-standing history of successful project experience with traditional and non-traditional MS4s. We are committed to using client resources in the most efficient and effective manner to produce compliant programs that work for the local MS4 entity.

To date, Burke has helped 77 communities with their planning, training, auditing and implementation through:

  • MS4 program coordination

  • Notices of intent / permit applications

  • Baseline water quality characterization updates

  • Stormwater quality management plans

  • Illicit discharge detection and elimination plans and training

  • Stormwater ordinances and technical standards

  • Construction plan review and training

  • Program compliance audits

  • Site inspection and good housekeeping training

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