What makes Burke different from other engineering firms?

At Burke, we have a reputation for providing a thorough and technically sound work product. In my experience, the regulatory agencies really respect our judgment and opinions.

What does it mean to be a certified arborist and why is it important?

Being a certified arborist means that I have a professional level of knowledge and skill in the field of arboriculture. 

It is important because, with my expertise, I can help our clients make better, informed decisions about the treatment and care of trees/forests they may encounter on projects and properties.

What is the most important takeaway for Burke clients? 

Burke clients should know that we have their best interests in mind and we will work with all parties involved to come up with a positive result or solution for their project. Communication is key.

If you could be any natural feature, what would it be?

I would be a forested wetland. They are such an important part of our ecosystem and they take a very long time to establish. Plus, they are home to so much native flora and fauna.

Book or movie?

Definitely book, I love to read!