Todd’s Creek Relocation & Wetland Mitigation

Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN

Todd’s Creek Relocation & Mitigation

As part of their new gateway project, Purdue University wanted to explore the possibility of stream relocation for Todd’s Creek, which flows through their Horticulture Park, to improve the park’s natural aesthetic.

As part of the Schneider Corporation team, Burke provided expedited permitting services, a conceptual layout of the relocated low-flow channel and floodplain, hydraulic and hydrologic modeling, and complete construction administration.

Project work included:

  • Stream relocation to create new campus gateway
  • Natural stream construction details
  • Extensive agency coordination for fast-track permitting
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Low-flow channel route within relocation corridor
  • Preliminary planting plan to meet mitigation requirements
  • Complete hydraulic analysis for bridge crossings 
  • Feasible solutions to address seepage flow

The creek’s new path supports existing wetland areas while helping to mitigate flooding that had been a problem for many years. Using natural design elements such as riffles, pools and boulders eliminated the need for hard armoring, such as riprap and concrete. 

The creek’s relocation has made the creek more accessible and inviting for students and the local community.

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