Stormwater Master Plan

Westfield, IN

Westfield Stormwater Master Plan

The City of Westfield is one of the top five fastest growing communities in central Indiana. The forward-thinking leadership in the city wanted to prepare a stormwater master plan to resolve existing problems and to avoid the drainage, flooding and water quality problems often associated with rapid growth and development.

Burke worked with the city to create a plan unique to the city’s challenges. The plan:

  • Identified the conceptual location and size of four potential regional detention ponds to be used in lieu of individual development facilities
  • Developed solutions to frequent and dangerous for roads that frequently overtop
  • Recommended improvements to procedures for monitoring compliance of privately-owned stormwater best management practices
  • Identified best management practices to address elevated bacteria levels in Cool Creek
  • Explored alternative ditch maintenance practices of county-owned regulated drains to balance the benefit of these systems for stormwater conveyance, water quality and aesthetics
  • Recommended enhancements to stormwater and development codes to promote flood resilience, low impact development and green infrastructure
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